Bordeaux tasting night – a lesson in wine and cheese matching

ely’s penultimate tasting, held last night, was Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is always an exciting tasting to attend: it raises the big question about one of the most revered wines in the world, what is all the fuss about?

With this in mind we selected 4 wines to illustrate the main styles from the region. The winning line up included; Bordeaux Blanc Chateau Thieuley 2007 made primarily from Semillon with some Sauvignon Blanc, Pauillac Chateau Gaudin 2005, Pomerol Les Colombiers de Feytit Clinet 2006 and to finish up the deliciously sweet Cadillac 2006 from Chateau Haut Rian. All the wines are from family run wineries and were hand selected by Paddy Keogh of Wines Direct. 

Having selected the wines we then faced a big problem: what cheeses will best compliment these wines. Sheridan’s suggested 4 fantastic cheeses from France and Ireland.

To match the white Bordeaux we chose a goat’s cheese Sainte-Maure de Touraine from Loire. This has a deliciously creamy texture with fresh acidity that lifts the zingy aromatics in the wine. Most people had never tried a Bordeaux Blanc and were instantly converted! We paired the Cabernet Sauvignon based Pauillac with a young Comte. The delicate nuttiness and earthy nuances were an instant hit and was easily the evening’s winning combination. For the sweet wine we went with the very classic pairing of blue cheese and sweet wine. Crozier Blue is made in Tipperary by the people who also make Cashel Blue. Needless to say it was a hit: the acidity and saltiness of the cheese worked wonderfully with the natural sweetness of the perfectly balanced Cadillac. Unfortunately I have to admit that we made a mistake with match number 3, Pomerol with Reblochon. It just didn’t work. Our Pomerol, which had mellowed with some bottle age, got into a fist fight with the robust Reblochon. The outcome was that everybody drank the wine, and the Reblochon remained on the plate uneaten.

The tasting was such a massive hit that we have decided to kick off 2011 with another one on 21st January.

USA night next Thursday, 11th November, is our last tasting this side of Christmas and we will be showing the best of California and Washington. Tickets are still available, €30 per head, please call ely wine bar on 676 8986 for more details and too reserve your space.

See for more details.


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