Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrivé 2011

Have Beaujolais Nouveau at ely this November 17th!

According to French law, Beaujolais Nouveau is released at one minute past midnight on the third Thursday of November. This decades-old tradition is celebrated worldwide. Georges Duboeuf is credited for marketing it to the rest of the world and making it a global tradition. His nickname is “The King of Beaujolais” for the fame he has brought to the region. Duboeuf took the tradition of the “new” wine that started in the Beaujolais region as a way to toast the harvest and turned it into a global celebration.

Beaujolais Nouveau is “new” Beaujolais. The Gamay grape is hand-harvested, fermented, bottled, and available in a matter of weeks: What is harvested in September 2010 is on sale by the third Thursday in November of the same year. It is tradition to have a bottle of Nouveau upon release and it offers a preview of the quality of the vintage and style that the winemaker will produce in their Beaujolais, Beaujolais-Villages, and Cru Beaujolais, which are released the following spring or summer.

Beaujolais is located in the southern part of France’s Burgundy region and the wines are typically light, fruity, easy to drink, and affordable. Beaujolais is different from most of Burgundy due to its focus on the Gamay grape for its red wines, instead of Pinot Noir, which is the red grape used in the rest of Burgundy. As for many of the regions in France, years of knowledge and experience have proven which grape is best for any area, and for the granite-laden hills of Beaujolais, that grape is Gamay.  

Traditionally, the wine has fruity raspberry and strawberry flavors and a hint of cranberry tartness that makes it food friendly and allows it to be served slightly chilled.

All three elys will be serving Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau for €7 a glass or €28 for the bottle from 17th November.

Enjoy this year’s Nouveau!

Check out elywinebar.com for more details.


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