Wine courses and wine tastings in Dublin city centre

We have finished up our summer wine tasting sessions and have an exciting line-up to kick-off Autumn.

  • THE BIG TASTING, 22nd September 2011

On the 22nd September ely is opening up its cellar doors to showcase the best the wine world has to offer.

Over 70 wines will be available for your tasting pleasure, covering everything from classic wines, hidden gems, staff favourites and rising stars from across the globe. Our expert suppliers will be on hand to answer all your wine questions for the duration of the evening.  We will also be showing ely signature cocktails and a selection of world  beers, ales and ciders.
Tasting: €20 per head

Email Michelle Lawlor at or cal 01 678 7867

  • WINE APPRECIATION COURSE, September and October 2011

4 Week Wine Appreciation Course runs on on Tuesday nights at ely winebar, 22 Ely Place. Topics include: red wines of the world, white wines of the world, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines, food and wine matching and understanding labelling. Each week we will taste 6 wines with  a retail value of €15-€50, serve a supper dish to match the wines and provide full course notes.

€160 per head

September  2011 Course: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
October 2011 Course: 11th, 18th, 25th, Nov 1st

For more details on all events for 2012 please click here or contact Michelle Lawlor at ely on 01 676 8986 or email  Details for all events can be found on our website.



4 Responses to Wine courses and wine tastings in Dublin city centre

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  2. petra carter says:

    Hi Eric,

    A blast from the past… We did our first wine courses together when I was still a Dublin-based food writer (still am a member of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild) but today I live in the Languedoc (Minervois) since 7 years and run cookery, wine and art classes from my B&B in Mirepeisset (see mostly aimed at an Irish clientele….

    Obviously, like everyone else who’s attempting to survive in Ireland, I’m trying to diversify, and just recently I have provided transport and accommodation (as well as cookery demonstrations and food-and-wine-matching dinners) for two private Dublin wine clubs. Both have decided to make this an annual event so I must have done something right.

    These two weekend trips went so well and were so much fun (soothing my occasional bouts of home-sickness!) that I thought I ask if you too know of someone who might be interested in taking a small group of ‘readers’ or ‘students’ or ‘supporters’ (maximum 8) to the Languedoc?

    What I offer is very good value and because of this, an opportunity for whoever to make a profit out of this as well.

    I propose a weekend-trip ‘package’ in the Languedoc, including 3 nights accommodation, airport transfers and all transport for the various excursions, for 350 euros per person (excluding restaurant meals and flights, and based on a minimum of 6 people)…

    In other words, everything will be taken care of – all you have to decide (or not) is where you want to visit…

    Transport will be in a 9-seater Citroen Jumper, hence numbers are restricted to 8 (renting a second vehicle would make the price less attractive as I would have to hire another driver as well)

    Accommodation includes a generous breakfast and there are 5 rooms in La Souqueto – 3 doubles, 1 triple and 1 twin, which can be viewed on .

    I can suggest itineraries and translate if and wherever necessary – perhaps 4 visits to wineries, one large, two medium and one tiny authentic outfit. You may want to include only wineries whose wines are available in Ireland or, alternatively you may prefer to decide on the wineries yourself. (I’m halfway between Carcassonne and Beziers (Hérault), and one hour from both Montpellier and Perpignan – so lots of scope in the Languedoc Rousillon!). And, as I said, you can add whatever charge you feel you need for organising/planning the trip, for I won’t divulge my price…

    A ‘weekend package’ is from Friday morning till Monday, but Ryanair fly from Dublin to Carcassonne (and back!) several times a week at very reasonable prices, so you could make it longer if you want to… And in September we could include some hand-harvesting (I’ve lots of contacts with very interesting vignerons)…

    This kind of wine-weekend will not work out expensive for participants as local restaurants serve great food for very reasonable prices. Not only that, there’s a good restaurant nextdoor that serves fabulous food but better still, they specialise in the very best Minervois wines – which he sells in the diningroom for the cellar price + 5 euros corkage fee (not exceeding 18 euros a bottle for the best, so great bargains to be had!!!)

    For interest and variety you may want to include a cookery demonstration or a talk on food/wine matching (I teach what I call ‘intuitive cooking’ based on combining flavours (see ) which would fit in very well with wine enthusiasm, but this would cost a little extra…

    Let me know what you think?

    Very best wishes,

    Petra Carter

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