down on the farm

Burren farmlandThe beef and pork at ely come from an organic farm run
by Erik’s father, Hugh, in The Burren, County Clare.

down on the farm

A neighbouring organic farmer, who lives in the house used in the TV series, Father Ted, supplies most of the lamb. The meat is known, for obvious reasons to fans of the show, as ‘Craggy Island Lamb’. Hugh farms roughly 450 acres of typical Burren land – plenty of rock, with wild flowers found nowhere else in the world. The farm is home to 120 animals that are organically sourced and farmed according to a system that’s 6,000 years old and unique to the area. The animals spend summers on the lowlands, and winters on the highlands. This is because the limestone rock acts like a huge storage heater, absorbing the heat that comes from the Atlantic, hitting the west coast of Ireland during summer and autumn. Even throughout winter there is little frost on the highlands, while the grasses and herbs continue to grow.

With the meat being transferred from Co. Clare to Dublin in a matter of hours, ely lives by the fundamental principle of the organic movement. ‘Local produce for a local market’. The ely carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, and the quality of food served is as good as it gets.

This article is taken from the ely Cookbook – available for purchase –

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