Wines for summer #003


by Ian Brosnan

If ever there was a day for rosé, this must surely be it.
Rosé wines are very underappreciated in this country, often opened as a last resort or knocked back on a sunny day with little regard for its flavour or character. While it is true that rosé and sunshine complement each other perfectly, there are many dishes that are greatly enhanced by a chilled glass or two.
RoseThe best tip I ever learned was this- think pink! Pink foods just seem to have a natural affinity to rosé wines – Salmon, poached and cold in a salad, prawns, lightly grilled on a bbq, paella , cured hams such as Serrano or Parma… the list goes on.
The best rosés tend to come from the Mediterranean, especially south of France – Rhone, Languedoc and Provence, and Northern Spain. The wines are produced from the traditional red varieties – Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and in Spain – Garnacha and Tempranillo. But there are also wonderful wines produced around Bordeaux- usually from Merlot, sometimes Cabernet, and many in Italy – a recently tasted Sangiovese Rosé from Capezzana was an absolute delight. Outside of Europe there are some quality examples from Australia in particular. Californian Rosé found on our supermarket shelves tends to be sweet (sometimes sickly so..) and is not a good representation of what good quality rosé wine is about.
Our rosé of choice is from a little known region, and a lesser known grape. Cotes de Gascogne is an region in southwest France producing reds, whites and rosés of outstanding value.

Domaine de Millet Rosé, Cotes de Gascogne 2011
Produced from the little known Egiodola grape, this is what we call proper rosé- Wonderful ripe red fruit- fresh strawberry, and red cherry – lovely freshness on the palate and a dry finish with just a touch of grip. Perfect for sipping, even better with food. Oh, and it’s not just for girls.

Cotes de Gascogne 2011 is available at all 3 ely restaurants by the bottle at €27.00 or €6.75 by the glass.
For more info and to make a reservation please visit

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