Pinot Noir tasting at ely bar & brasserie

A big thanks to everyone who came along to our Pinot Noir tasting- the whole evening was a tremendous success!
Difficult to pick out one wine over another, so I’ll mention the less obvious choices which showed really well!
Franz_haazFirst up, just to get us started, we had one of THE great Pinot based wines – and one of my all time favourite wines- Bollinger Special Cuvee. I’m happy to drink this anytime- as many can attest to- but it fully deserves to be included in a line up of great Pinot Noir.

The Franz Hass Pinot Nero 2010 from Alto Adige in northern Italy was probably the pick of the night for many- and a revelation for most! Silky, delicate and utterly drinkable, it shows off all of Pinots finest qualities at once. Absolutely delicious!
PlantagenetAt the other end of the Pinot Spectrum was the Plantagenet Mount Barker Pinot Noir 2009 from Western Australia. Deep ruby colour, wonderfully aromatic and concentrated cherry and spice on the nose. The aromas were reflected on the palate, and the flavours lasted an age!

Join us for an ely wine tasting evening at ely bar & brasserie, IFSC.


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