The sun’s out: it’s white wine time

“Longer, brighter, sunnier days call out for white wine, and Italy has moved way beyond Pinot Grigio to produce some of the most interesting, varied choices” John Wilson 

A wonderful article by John Wilson from the Irish Times,  which echoes our sentiments exactly!

Italian whites

Pieropan Soave

Italian whites are now amongst the most exciting in Europe, and certainly the most varied. They are also great restaurant wines- irrespective of the different fruit flavours of the wines, they tend to be crisp, fresh and dry, making them a natural pairing for many dishes. In fact, two of the wines featured are available in ely – the Pieropan Soave, and the Vesevo Falanghina.


Beneventano Falanghina

The Falanghina in particular has been a massive success – a clear sign that customers are willing to try new and exciting wines. We also list Gavi, Verdicchio (superb!) Grillo, Pinot Bianco and the ‘big brother’ of the Pieropan family ‘La Rocca’. But that is just a tiny fraction of the varieties grown in Italy, so this section of our wine list is constantly changing- look out for Vermentino, Fiano, Arneis, Friulano, Greco, Pecorino, Zibibbo and many more soon!

Why not book in to our Italian Varietals tasting on June 5th to find out more!

The most exciting thing about Italian wines- and Italy is THE most exciting wine country in the world- is the vast array of grapes that they grow. There are hundreds of varieties grown across the country, and probably many more that we haven’t even heard of – you could drink Italian wines every day for a year and never have the same grape variety twice!! However, you walk into a supermarket here and you’ll most likely see 10 types of Pinot Grigio and a Chianti. We are going to taste the real Italy, wines with genuine character and a real sense of tradition.
Register now for the wine tasting & supper at €45 

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