Pink The City

ely restaurant turn pink for Giro d’Italia!



You may have heard that the Giro D’Italia is visiting Dublin this weekend – and that there’s a whole host of events happening to celebrate. There are bike tours by Storymap, free outdoor performances by the Rothar Café on Fade Street, and music and art installations across Dublin. In Meeting House Square, screenings will take place of Vittorio De Sicla’s 1948 classic The Bicycle Thief (10pm on Saturday) and the Oscar-winning 1979 coming-of-age drama/comedy Breaking Away (10pm on Sunday) – two bicycle-themed films might pep you up enough to grab a bike and celebrate the Giro. See the Giro d’Italia events programme here.

Not a fan of two wheels? You can still get into the Giro buzz simply by going pink, the signature hue of the event: viz. Twitter, where the hashtag “#pinkthecity” is trending. It’s inspiring all sorts of pink mania. The Mayor of Dublin has put up his pink bunting (above), Ely are…

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