Céad Míle Fáilte |Dinner in Dublin with The Daughter at ely winebar

The Thirsty Kitten

Céad Míle Fáilte: KADE meeleh FALCH-uh  An Irish expression meaning a hundred thousand welcomes.

How could you not like a place that offers you a hundred thousand welcomes? The Emerald Isle. Home of the fabled leprechaun. Legendary for its pubs and hospitality; its seaside cliffs and windswept hills; its River Dancers, penny whistles and poets. What’s not to love? Yes, Ireland charms me like few other places.

Yet when I traveled to Dublin, one thing I did not expect to find was a hub of creative cuisine and excellent wine. My mental image of Irish food was limited to hearty fare like fish and chips, stews, and anything with cabbage. I thought Guinness was the only beverage. But I learned from my very first trip there how wrong I was. Regular readers may recall the epic story of my travel delays in getting to Dublin with The Daughter in January when she was starting a study abroad term. One…

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