ely wine tastings May – July 2014

Each week a guest speaker will present a selection of wines from the given region and we’ll serve up a supper dish to match. All wine tastings take place at ely bar & brasserie and start at 7pm sharp.

Thursday May 22nd –  Alsace. ely bar & brasserie, IFSC
This is quite possibly the most interesting and varied white wine producing region in the world. Home to a wide range of grape varieties, many with the potential to produce wines of Grand Cru status. Add to that some of the world’s greatest sweet wines. However, Alsace still suffers from being misunderstood, much the same as Germany. While there are many Germanic influences, the wines of Alsace are utterly unique and deserve your utmost attention!

Thursday June 5th – Italy’s traditional Grape Varieties. ely bar & brasserie, IFSC
The most exciting thing about Italian wines- and Italy is THE most exciting wine country in the world- is the vast array of grapes that they grow. There are hundreds of varieties grown across the country, and probably many more that we haven’t even heard of – you could drink Italian wines every day for a year and never have the same grape variety twice!! However, you walk into a supermarket here and you’ll most likely see 10 types of Pinot Grigio and a Chianti. We are going to taste the real Italy, wines with genuine character and a real sense of tradition.
 SOLD OUT (But join us for the next one!)

Thursday June 19th – Red Burgundy. ely bar & brasserie, IFSC 
Buying Burgundy is like navigating an minefield- and red Burgundy especially so. Despite the fact that all the wines are produced from a single grape variety, it is essential to know your producers, vineyards and  vintages to ensure you get value for money. But when you find the right one, it rewards in ways that no other wine can. From Bourgogne AC to the finest Premier and Grand Cru, there are incredible Burgundies to be found if you know where to look. And you need look no further that ely. Join us for a richly rewarding tasting of some of the big names and some of the lesser known treats from this most fascinating of wine regions.

Thursday July 10th – Wines of Germany 
Adored by those in the wine business, but sadly often overlooked by the wine drinking public. However, there is no debating the quality – Germany produces some of the finest white wines in the world! – Rieslings of varying styles from bone dry and minerally, to rich and sweet – but always impeccably balanced and complex. Even less appreciated and the stunning reds- 100% Pinot Noir – and quite possibly the finest outside of Burgundy

Thursday July 24th – The Loire Valley. ely bar & brasserie, IFSC 
As wine regions go the Loire Valley has to be one of the most varied and exciting in the world. Red and white, still and sparkling, bone dry to wonderfully sweet, it has something to offer everyone! Everyone knows of Sancerre, Pouilly Fume and Muscadet but the real gems are probably lesser known- Chenin from Savennieres, Montlouis and Vouvray; reds such as Chinon, St. Nicolas de Bourgueil and red Sancerre. The sweet wines, from the lighter to the richest, are absolutely world class. Join us for what promises for a genuinely fascinating and surprising tasting.

For more info do contact Ian Brosnan at  678-7867 or on wineclub@elywinebar.com 

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