ely wines for summer 2014 #006

ely wines for summer continues, and this week we’ve chosen an outstanding Italian to drag you out of that Pinot Grigio slump, and a classic all-round red that drinks well in the sunshine but also quenches those red wine cravings that weeks of sunshine and white wine leave you with!

Broglia la Meirana Gavi di Gavi, Italy 2013

Broglia Pinot Grigio is so ubiquitous these days that it has become a brand in itself.
Many people simply order a glass without even asking what it is; because they know what they get will be light, fruity and inoffensive.  And that is fine if you see wine simply as little more than an alcoholic beverage of choice. But for those who drink wine because they  enjoy it for what it really is- a drink like no other, with massive spectrum of aromas, flavours and textures, inoffensive equals boring.
But fear not, because while Pinot Grigio may be the most visible on our shelves, the rest of Italy is producing some outstanding white. In fact, it is probably the most interesting white wine producing country in Europe today.
There are many wines we could have chosen here but we’ve decided to go with one which seems to slip under the radar a little too often. Produced from the Cortese grape, Gavi di Gavi is one of Italy’s most highly rated white wines. Bone-dry, with lovely crisp apple, citrus and fresh almond flavours, this is flavoursome, refreshing and full of flavour.  Why not remind yourself what wine can really taste like.


Les Deux Cols ‘Cuvee Alize’ Cotes du Rhone, France 2012                                           

les_deux_colsThis is made by our good friend Simon Tyrrell, and reinforces our belief that Cotes du Rhone continues to overachieve when it comes to quality and value.
Produced primarily from Grenache, this is a classic style, bursting with bramble fruit, spice and black pepper; it is full of flavour yet wonderfully soft. Good Cotes du Rhone – and there is an abundance of it – is probably the perfect all-round red wine, light enough to drink on a warm summers evening, yet flavoursome enough to satisfy those red wine cravings!


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Join us for an ely wine tasting evening and learn more about wines.
Each week a guest speaker will present a selection of wines from the given region and we’ll serve up a supper dish to match. All wine tastings take place at ely bar & brasserie and start at 7pm. See more at http://www.elywinebar.ie/about/wine-apreciation/ely-wine-tastings

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