ely wines for Summer #007

All French this week, and we’ve gone for two old favourites. Sancerre might seem a little obvious, but there is nothing common about the quality of this one (it’s practically perfect!). We are also all too aware that this weather can’t last forever, so it’s time to get your rosé on before it’s too late! Enjoy.

Lucien Crochet ‘Le Chene’ Sancerre 2012

Usually for our ‘Wines of Summer’ series we choose some of the more unusual, or less well known wines from our list. SancerreBut exceptions have to be made, especially with a wine as exceptional as this! Sourced from a vineyard of south-facing slopes and shallow limestone soil, this is as perfect an expression of sauvignon Blanc as you are ever likely to find! Pure, intense citrus and wet chalk on the nose, crisp grapefruit flavours on the palate and a long minerally finish. Where other sauvignons are pungent, tropical and often over the top, this it taut and precise, with incredible purity of flavour. Forget what you think you know about modern Sauvignon Blanc, go back to where it started and see how it can be done!

With food… The classic pairing is goats cheese, and it is fantastic with the Fivemiletown goats cheese salad. But it also works with simple fish or shellfish dishes, or try it with our heirloom tomato and peach salad!


Domaine de Millet rosé Cotes de Gascogne 2013

milletWhen the conversation turns to the “my favourite grape” discussion, Egiodola rarely gets a mention!! Not surprising really, very few of us have ever heard of it. This Domaine in the Cotes de Gascogne use this little know grape to make their wonderful rosé. In the glass it is a delicate, pink-salmon colour, with aromas of ripe strawberry and raspberry. The palate is fresh, fruity but refreshingly dry, making this a great wine to have with or without food. As we all know, our rosé season here in Ireland is frustratingly short, so grab a seat on the terrace and enjoy!

With food…. There is a very simple but effective guide for this- pink wines are great with pink food. So, in summertime, try it with Salmon, either grilled or cold in a salad, prawns simply cooked or even paella.

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