ely wines for Summer #008

This week we’ve decided to just go all out with the reds- sure we all love a glass (or two) of white on a beautiful day, but just because it’s sunny shouldn’t mean you neglect your reds. After all, you probably rely on them throughout the rest of the year!

Wagner Stempel Spätburgunder, Rheinhessen, Germany 2012

ely_wine_bar_Wagner_StempelA GERMAN RED WINE! Yes, those Germans just keep surprising us… While everyone in the wine business can- and will- wax lyrical about those amazing German Rieslings, Spätburgunder doesn’t get quite the same attention. Hopefully that’s all about to change. First things first- Spätburgunder is Pinot Noir. The name may not be quite as sexy, but this is Germany, and they don’t really do sexy names. But they do make damn sexy wines! German Pinot (or Spätburgunder) tends to be quite light in colour, but with wonderfully intense flavours and incredible finesse. This wine, from the fantastic Wagner-Stempel winery encapsulates all that is great about Pinot as a variety, and Germany as a wine producer- delicate but beautifully flavoured, with raspberry, cherry and redcurrant flavours. It is softly perfumed, silky textured and utterly delicious. Do yourself a favour and try this wine. Not only will you forgive the unsexy name, you may even come to love it!

Food… Pinot Noir is wonderfully versatile, and the German ones especially so. Duck, game, lamb are all fantastic, as are many fish and white meats. Try this with the organic Burren pork sharing plate in ely gastro bar.


Hernando y Souridais ‘Antidoto’ Ribera del Duero, Spain 2011

antidotoRibero del Duero would probably not be the first choice when thinking of wines for a summer evening, but then this is not your typical Ribera. A joint venture between and local winery administrator (Hernando!) and a winemaker from the Loire Valley (Souridais), Antidodo shows how this region is capable of producing wines of incredible finesse. From the gentle extraction, to fermentation in concrete and aging in 2/3 year old French barriques (from Ch. Haut-Brion no less) everything about the winemaking is geared towards elegance. From the dark berry and tobacco nose, hints of pepper and earthiness on the palate and followed by a long, minerally finish, this wine just oozes class. If you are bored with wines which are over-extracted and overly oaked, then this surely is your Antidote!

Food…. Lamb is a classic, as is Beef. But the delicacy of this wines is best suited to the best cuts of the finest meats. Try the rack of ‘Craggy Island’ organic Burren lamb in ely wine bar, ely place.


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Each week a guest speaker will present a selection of wines from the given region and we’ll serve up a supper dish to match. All wine tastings take place at ely bar & brasserie and start at 7pm. See more at http://www.elywinebar.ie/about/wine-apreciation/ely-wine-tastings

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