craft beers & cocktails @ ely – Part 1

Craft beers & ely cocktails by Barry Rowan bar manager at ely gastro bar on Grand Canal Square.
With these hot summer temperatures in Dublin, the first thing most people think of when deciding what to drink is a throw up between a glass of rose, prosecco or a pint bottle of Bulmers.

Here’s a look at what else to order…

hollowsHallows and Fentimans Ginger Beer.

Look this beer up on websites such as or and it will score horrendously!
Folks on there have no time for such products such as Hallows Ginger beer.

One reviewer called it a sweet “alcoholic ginger lemonade“. They do not consider this to be a beer.
I don’t either, it is so much more. I would call this more of an “alcoholic ginger lemonade” than a ginger beer. Served with a glass of ice this is one of the most refreshing drinks out there.

The punch of ginger is certainly a winner and served with a slice of orange it will cool you down in a matter of seconds.

image3Frozen margarita.

The Margarita is one of the easiest and delicious cocktails out there. Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and sugar.

The cocktail, served with a salted rim is one of the most iconic, refreshing and brilliant cocktails ever to exist. Just pop the lot in a blender, with ice and you have yourself a frozen margarita!

We have been selling them at ely by the glass or in 1ltr jugs down here and they have been going down a treat. Order one of these on a hot summer’s day and I swear, you’ll be asking yourself why you’ve never done this before!

For more cocktails and craft beers visit

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