Craft beers and cocktails @ ely – Part 5

by Barry Rowan

Are you a Hop-Head?


 Because if you are you’ll want to look at a few of the double IPAs in this post.

IPAs or Indian Pale Ales are a style of beer that generally have a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) and normally have a stronger hoppier taste. When exporting beer from the UK over to India, they used to increase the alcoholic volume from around 3.5% to around 5.5% as the alcohol would act as a stabilizer for export. In addition to that extra hops were added, which also act as a natural preservative. Thus the IPA was born and coincidently a good powerful hoppy beer goes really well with very spicy food as the power of the beer is still noticeable even after a hot curry!

That’s what an IPA is. Now a DOUBLE IPA is basically the same as above, only more! -They are generally hoppier and hold a bigger abv. Typically between 6.5%-9% but some brewers are really playing around with this style and pushing the boundries to make them hoppier and more alcoholic.

RavenThornbridge, Wild Raven – 6.6% ABV

500ml bottle

Voted World’s Best IPA 2012 and 2013 at the World Beer Awards. This is a black IPA.
The use of chocolate malts (as you see in many porters/stouts) gives the beer depth and complexity.
In balance to that it uses centennial hops to give it bitterness and hoppy characters.

One of or milder double ipa’s at 6.6abv.




O’Hara’s, Double IPA – 7.5% ABV

500ml bottle

A full-bodied, full-on Double IPA combining caramel and malt flavours with a well-balanced and substantial bitterness, which is topped off by a tantalising hop aroma with notes of tangerine and grapefruit.
Light carbonation allows the full flavour of this beer to shine through.



Galway Bay, Of Foam of Fury – 8.5% ABV


500ml bottle

The Mac-Daddy of them all, this double IPA from the Galway Bay Brewery is quite the handful.
It is still a well-balanced IPA with a “malt backbone” but still has the great characteristic flavours of orange peel, cumin and pine. This little beaut kicks like a mule, so watch you step when you eventually get up from your seat as you might not know what hit you!



Trouble Brewing, Chasing the Dragon – 8% ABV


356ml draught

This is a once off brew from the lads in the Trouble Brewing and after tasting it down in the brewery a few weeks back, I was keen to get my hands on some.
Brewed especially for the craft beer festival in the RDS in Agusut 2014, this double IPA has it all. A good powerful, punchy beer with a good hoppy taste.
However, in keeping with the trouble style it has a good amount of malt in the beer which balances the against the bitter hops, resulting in a fine, smooth double IPA which is not overpowering and quite enjoyable to neck!


One Response to Craft beers and cocktails @ ely – Part 5

  1. When I moved to California in 1993, I was introduced to pale ales. They are now my favorite.

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