Craft beers & cocktails @ ely part 3

by Barry Rowan

The trip down to Trouble Brewing’s brewery was high priority of the staff down in ely, not only because it would be highly educational to see one of the smaller Irish craft beers being made, and not only because they might get to sample some of their specially commissioned beers but it is also another fantastic opportunity to see one of our local suppliers produce another quality Irish product. It’s great to see the founders of the brewery being a bunch of young, enterprising and easygoing lads, who are producing some of the tastiest beer and, it has to be said, have some of the freshest marketing in the country.

It took me a while to eventually get the Trouble beers into ely but it was well worth it!!!

We currently stock their three staple beers Dark Arts, Deception Ale and Sabotage IPA, with all available by bottle and Sabotage available on draught. We have a guest tap ( a rotating beer line that we change up with different beers as we please) and have featured Kill lager a couple of weeks ago and after our trip down there, we have pencilled in their Double IPA and Pumpkin beers for the upcoming months.

The brewery in Kildare. Small but powerful!!!

The brewery in Kildare. Small but powerful!!!

Getting the tour

Getting the tour

photo02Trouble Brewing Sabotage IPA

Style: Strong & Hoppy India Pale Ale

Strength: 5.5% a.b.v.

Tasting notes: Brewed using five varieties of hops from around the globe. This IPA has an assertive hoppy bite, of both citrus and spice and a strong, full body.

Grain: Pale Ale, Crystal & Wheat Malt.

Hops: Magnum, Galaxy, Willamette, Columbus & Cascade

This is kinda their flagship beer. Sabotage is a full bodied pale ale with powerful citrus hops. Great with spiced food, sausage and smoked meats.

photo03Trouble Brewing Dark Arts Porter

Style: Rich & Dark traditional porter

Strength: 4.4% a.b.v.

Tasting notes: Bursting with coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours as a result of the complex malt profile.  The hops complement the malt flavours for a beer that is smooth and well-balanced.

Grain: Pale Ale, Chocolate Crystal, Black Patent, Caramalt & Flaked Barley

Hops: Northdown, Challenger & Cascade

This is a semi-filtered malty porter, with fizz. The use of chocolate malts adds to the body/feel of the beer and gives it a full flavour. Delicious with Irish stew, beef Bourgogne and hearty dishes.

photo04Trouble Brewing Deception Golden Ale

Style: Session strength easy drinking golden ale

Strength: 4.3% a.b.v.

Tasting notes: A smooth and refreshing, full bodied ale with a distinct hop bitterness from the traditional English and modern American hops. Subtle fruit flavours and a crisp, lingering finish.

Grain: Pale Ale, Munich & Caramalt

Hops: Northdown, Challenger & Cascade

A golden ale, this is a softer beer that is made for enjoying a few. Good malts add to the full flavour of the beer. Great with wings, fish and chips and burgers.

Tasting a few cold ones

Tasting a few cold ones

Having a couple after

Having a couple after


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