Wines for summer #001

Wines for summer – now that it’s officially here!

Vorgeschmack, Martin Arndorfer, Kamptal 2011Vorgeschmack, Martin Arndorfer, Kamptal 2011

This unconventional wine seems to break way too many rules – A Gruner Veltliner blended with barrel fermented Riesling ??? However, one taste will dispel and doubts. The 80:20 Gruner Riesling works brilliantly – the dry, vibrant and lightly spicy Gruner is lifted by the citrus and mineral Riesling. The tiny amount of oak is almost unnoticeable – it just adds a softness to the finish. Fresh, crisp and certainly different, this is practically summer in a glass!


Domaine Decelle-Villa Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France 2011

Domaine Decelle-Villa Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France 2011               

Two outstanding winemakers –one from the Rhone, one from Languedoc- took over this Domaine and the results have been remarkable. This is classic Burundian Pinot at its best – beautifully perfumed with red summer fruits – think fresh strawberry and cherry – matched to a wonderfully soft, silky texture. This will remind you why you love Pinot the most……

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